About Me

I am 34 years old and I have decided to make wine for love

The day I started this adventure, I decided to travel through the Loire and Italy in search of my style. In each wine I try to revive those stories and those special emotions I felt during my travels. I’m trying to bring together the knowhow of other places with the tradition of Friuli to generate unique and special stories.

Every day we strive to fully understand the potential of our Land, trying to grasp those nuances it is able to give us and making our wines unique for their complexity and territoriality thanks to biodynamic agriculture.


The bond between man and the land is the sincerest existing agreement .

I produce for passion, trying to convey something, an emotion, a unique reaction. I do not want to produce only to sell. In these years I have always more understood the social value that a winemaker has. Our wines are our thoughts, our passion, our ideas and, as such, must be free and personal, not tied solely to the business aspect.
A bottle of wine can and must contain culture.

Biodynamic Agriculture

6.5 hectares entirely certified as Organic

We try to maintain a very varied and balanced ecosystem with biodynamic agriculture. A live soil, besides ensuring a nourishment of very high quality for plants, can achieve a perfect harmony with the rest of nature.

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